A page from Paris with Kids

A little word art… from old travel books and my photos…inspired by an article I read in Florida Weekly about an artist named Austin Kleon.

In between preparing to move and renovate a new home, homeschooling and keeping our family running, I’ve been following along on a 15-day writer’s challenge from a friend and mentor, Jeff Goins. Last night, I made this collage, titled Paris Page, from a copied page in a travel guide, one of my favorite photos of my family, Sharpies, and memories of Paris. I’m sure there are more to come….documenting in some form our countless miles, photos and travel guides, and incorporating my passion for words, wisdom, photography and art.

Today, the challenge was to steal. Austin’s book is Steal Like an Artist. Hmmm.

Seems like I may be on to something… and it’s good- at least for me. Hope it is for you, too.
Would love to hear what you think. Post a comment below.


Buen Viaje! ~Jen