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Vi Bella means “beautiful life” and that’s just what this social enterprise jewelry company strives to create through their job-creation ministry. They sell beautiful jewelry that is creating hope and healing in communities in Haiti and Mexico.

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Word Traveling and #LetYouWriteShine have partnered with Vi Bella jewelry, providing a fundraiser for upcoming missions trips to Cuba and Mexico through Elev8Life educational foundation.

After Vi Bella was established in 2011, their fundraising program was created to support others doing great work. Vi Bella loves linking arms with organizations and using the handmade jewelry created by their artisans to further other causes. In addition to having a national sales team of storytellers (their beautiful life ambassadors) Vi Bella also links arms and gives back 30% of sales to non-profits and mission work of others who set up a fundraiser!

I’m thrilled that we can work together to provide Vi Bella as a funding source for the Word Traveling programs for Elev8life. It’s a win/win!  You get to shop gorgeous, handmade jewelry and accessories. Our artisans receive steady employment, a safe and encouraging work environment, and their families are kept together.  PLUS, when you Shop, they will automatically give 30% of every single purchase back to Word Traveling programs for Elev8life.

And BONUS: they are having a huge sale right now!

This fundraiser closes February 28, so complete your shopping by then and they’ll ship everything out just after it ends!  It’s that simple.


Thank you for creating beautiful lives with us!

The story behind Vi Bella Jewelry from Amy Breitman, marketing director for Vi Bella:

Vi Bella means “Beautiful Life”.  Our company grew out of a short term mission trip our Founder and CEO Julie Hulstein took to Haiti in June 2010 after a severe earthquake devastated the country.  The desperate living conditions that thousands of Haitians were in and continued to face overwhelmed her heart and she returned home determined to do something to impact the friends she had met there.  In 2011 Vi Bella Jewelry began  hiring and training artisans to create jewelry.  Over the past six years Vi Bella has transformed lives, infusing hope in Haiti through this job-creation ministry.

Shop here to purchase from this fundraiser!

Two centers in Haiti, along with one in Mexico now  employ dozens of artisans making jewelry and accessories that are marketed in the United States. The employment that Vi Bella artisans are given creates more beautiful lives for them, their children, and their communities.  Through hard work, our artisans gain dignity and are released from poverty through their employment. Vi Bella artisans work in safe, encouraging environments, and are able to engage in prayer and Bible study at their work sites.  More than a job, our artisans are given a community of support.

Back in the United States, ambassadors across the country sell our handmade  jewelry collections, earning an income themselves and completing the circle of empowerment.


Vi Bella is on the front lines, fighting poverty every day.  We believe in reaching out to hold hands, because we are all in this together. And together we can make the world a better place.

When you choose Vi Bella, your purchases create sustainable employment for a mother who no longer looks at an orphanage as the only hope for raising her daughter.  It reclaims the landscape through our recycled materials. And your purchase makes your life, and theirs more beautiful.

Our scripture as a company is Micah 6:8, and we pray to love as Christ loved us, walking humbly alongside our employees, artisans, communities, and customers.

We believe that purchases can impact poverty and we’re so glad to link arms with you. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the gorgeous, handmade products you will find.

Shop here to purchase from this fundraiser!