Step right up!

Tokens, please…

What are you waiting for?

Enjoy the Breeze!

It’s carvings so intricate-

Paintings- just perfect.

Fairy tale horses waiting

Just to be pet.

Touch  your hand to her reign,

One foot in a stirrup,

Whoosh, up you swing-

Brings her

(and you)

to life with

A skip and a gallop!

The music serenades-

Lights flash and dance.

The waiting is over-

Now’s your chance!

Grab hold of the brass,

Go with the ups and downs-

See what you miss if

You sit and watch from the ground?

Sure, it can be admired,

And doesn’t cost a thing-

To sit beyond the gates and watch

The lights and horses dance and sing.

But, trust me as one

Who knows from the inside-

Through all the spinning and turning-

It’s much more fun on the ride!

So, jump on-

Take a risk-

Jump back to childlikeness!

Life’s too short,

Grab the reigns

Let the conductor do the rest!

Feel the wind in your hair-

Throw your head back and SPIN!

Jumping onto the carousel is

The Only way you will win!

inspired by my boys and a trip here… Downtown at the Gardens

carousel11 carousel21


Buen Viaje! ~Jen