Forests, Foraging, and new Friends

“The most learned men have been questioned as to the nature of this tuber, and after two thousand years of argument and discussion their answer is the same as it was on the first day: we do not know. The truffles themselves have been interrogated, and have answered simply: eat us and praise the Lord.” Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870)

Molly O’Neill, one of the greatest food writers imaginable, shared that quote on her blog today. Tomorrow, I’ll be working with her and folks from the Oregon Truffle Fest and renowned truffle-dog trainers from Blackberry Farms here in Eugene, Oregon learning about truffle dog training while I capture some authentic moments, and hopefully a few delicious bites, from the annual Truffle Recipe Contest.

Food and wine events fill the soul with inspiration, the hunger with unique flavors, and the iphone with new contact information with friends made around the table. I was fortunate to enjoy a studio tour and simple lunch today with a new friend, and amazing photographer, in Portland- John Valls. The friendships, food and photo fun will continue throughout the weekend- so be sure to stick around!

The only thing missing is my love, Luis. I’ll raise a glass for us both 🙂

Buen Viaje! ~Jen