Team Spirit in Homeschool- Be encouraged, Leaders! Prayer call #7

There is much to be said and accomplished from having a good coach. Every champion has a coach. In business, in life, in sports. I once read a book called Jesus, Life Coach. I do my best to keep Him mine. But tonight on the call, I was honored to welcome Coach Rick Andreassen, founder of Saints International.  Great coaches push you and keep you motivated. In that respect, last night’s “coaching” call was a winner. In fact, I’m writing this post as I’m listening to the background encouragement of the coaches of our six-year-old son’s swim here at the community pool. And I love how the Lord is showing Himself in the natural world as well as the supernatural  through these calls. Even as I write about coaches, I’m surrounded by them. May you always play on Jesus’ team, and may He be your life coach!

Listen in for yourself and be encouraged! (It’s a little longer than the rest of the nights, but you’ll want to hear the poem coach Rick reads at the end! Just click the arrow button below on your smart phone, and make sure you follow the rest of the replays and tune in tonight!


There's no I in team