A Resolution in One Word: Miraculous

A resolve to not make resolutions

With the new year in full swing, there’s talk of resolutions everywhere.  This year, I resolved to not make resolutions. Instead, I prayed for my One Word for the year ahead.  As I pressed into this “word” the Lord was placing on my heart, He began to share how it was for you, too. For you reading this right now, for all who are willing to receive his promise of the MIRACULOUS. In your life and through your life. I felt like Samuel. For ages I’ve prayed “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” And He’s been speaking.

miraculous- Cuba, 1960The part of the story I missed

For five years, our son’s favorite Bible story is that of Samuel being called by God. We’ve read it at least a thousand times. He’s mesmerized by it. Nightly, we go to bed saying, “Speak, Lord. For your servants are listening.” The critical part I’ve missed it when the Lord spoke to Samuel, Samuel immediately shared the message.  I’m called to share immediately. Even if it’s not what I think others will want to hear. So, this year, as I press into His miraculous, I’ll keep listening. And pray to speak. Here. And I pray you’ll listen and speak, too.

My Big Audacious Word

At first, I didn’t want to accept this word, this thought of a year being able to be miraculous. I thought it was too bold, perhaps even pompous or audacious. Who am I to be good enough to receive the miraculous? Then the sweet Holy Spirit convicted me with the thought, ” is anything too bold for Me?”

I began to wonder if I should make it an acronym, you know, a piece of poetry. Like- the”I” for Intentional and the “A” standing for Art …. both things I’m praying to incorporate more into my life this year.

Alas, no, just miraculous. As I’ve been meditating and contemplating what this word can mean for the year ahead, I’m noticing I’m taking my steps and actions in a bit more boldness. You know, actually grabbing someone’s hands and praying aloud for healing or salvation or just a word of encouragement right then and there instead of saying, “I’ll pray for you.” Believing for the miraculous, as it was spoken in my heart a few weeks ago. And, I’m seeing miracles. Every. Single. Day.

Letting the word take root

I think we make resolutions because we like to make lists. And cross them off. So, I’ve been asking myself if the Lord of the Universe “checks” things off His list? Or, if He even keeps a list? I’m not sure. But, I know He is constantly creating, and in His creation, constantly moving. Our pastor this weekend posed a questions: Perhaps our need to resolve things on the outside is really a cover-up for not dealing with the ONE THING that ensnares us on the inside? So- let’s focus my one thing is this: Full devotion, surrender, and obedience to God’s constant whisper, and the resolve of myself to quiet my heart and mind enough to hear it.

A Step of Obedience to God

So, my first big step in obedience is this. Sharing this one word with you. That YOU know it’s for you, too.

Embrace the fullness of God. Dig in to what He has for you, and believe that HE loves to show off and be glorified (to use the church term) in YOUR LIFE! That HE has more planned for you than you can possibly think or imagine, and certainly more than you can cross off of your list. Besides, aren’t your resolutions the same as last years? Mine would have been.

If I did have a list…

Of what would be miraculous in my life this year, I’d say I’m believing God for this list. And I challenge you to make yours. Just remember to leave some blank spaces. Those places where you allow the Lord to work HIS miracles of more than you can ask, hope or imagine.

-For Jesus to encounter and embrace the lives of my brother, his wife and family.


-To be a bridge in leading Souls and Hearts to Jesus’ heart and their calling for Him.


-For my hearing to be miraculously restored. (That’s another blog post, but I’ve been diagnosed with otosclerosis. I’m only 41 and for the past 5 years, I’ve been losing my hearing.)


-For a barren friend to conceive and give birth.


-For grants, funding, donors and laborers for the work of the alternative educational non-profit, Word Traveling and the true launch of this blog as an inspiration for its community.


-To be involved and lead teams for the restoration of a nation and the good of the gospel in Cuba, especially among the children.


What would your list look like?

How can I pray for you this year? Leave me a comment below, and come join the community on Facebook.


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