Miscarried- A Poem about Miscarriage

Grieved and inspired by two beautiful women’s recent experiences, I was forced to bring my dark time of grieving after miscarriage into the light to make sense of it…

This is dedicated to all those cherished and gone before we’ve met with the promise of the Lord to meet again someday…and to the women who help the joy and grief.

I pray this poem about miscarriage touches your heart and brings comfort from the great comforter. Please share it with someone you know can use the encouragement.



I carried the idea
I carried the seed
I carried the prayers
I carried the hope
I carried the delight
I carried the expectations
I carried the love
I carried the wonder
I carried the morning sickness
I carried the extra weight
I carried the joy
I carried the soul

But now I carry the grief
I carry the questions
I carry the hurt
I carry the sadness
I carry the doubt
I carry the wonder
I carry the image of death
deep within my soul

While others carry on.
Will you carry this, Abba
So I can too?


Renew the grief through
New images of spring
New ideas
New seeds
New love
New prayers
New hope
New delight
New expectations
New love
New wonder
New feelings
Lighter burdens
Renewed joy
My soul renewed

New life within
New birth without

Through a miscarriage, I learned to give birth to new things all around and later gave birth to another son, another gift of God.

How have you coped with a miscarriage? What lessons have you learned?



Buen Viaje! ~Jen