Moving Day

leaving Las Vegas, baby   Blog moving is just about as fun as house-moving. HAH! Something we’re all too familiar with… Let’s see… in the past 11 years since Luis and I met, I’ve lived… ...Jupiter, Florida …Orlando, Florida …Myrtle Beach, South Carolina …Las Vegas, Nevada …Europe- all over, but mostly from the back of our Volvo XC90 (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal) watch for more posts to come about theses adventures… …Miami, FL (not knowing where we were going) …Las Vegas, NV …Naples, FL …Juno Beach, FL (3 locations in 4 years) and, finally-

Hobe Sound, FL (which my knight lovingly refers to as Hope Sound!)

WHEW… makes having this home-base seem all the more appealing! Pray for me while I move the blog and continue to unpack from our move  and renovation … we think it’s the last move for a season! Come join us at our beach cottage!

Buen Viaje! ~Jen