How to Give a TedX Talk

I’m honored to introduce you to Word Traveling’s newest contributor, dear friend Joseph Almeida. A first-generation American born to hard-working Portuguese parents, Joseph embodies the values of Word Traveling. Hope you enjoy his post and his AWESOME TEDx Talk! 

How to Give a TedX Talk

Recently, Jen asked me what inspired me to give a TedxTalk, and I know many others have questions about how to get involved and be a speaker at a Ted Talk. It is all about the journey, as Jen’s vision for this blog is expressing.

How to give a TedX Talk

I love TedTalks. I enjoy listening in on NPR in the car,  whenever I have some free time during the day, and watching on my computer to tune in.  I enjoy hearing other people speak about their “ideas worth spreading” and their experiences.

I had such an urge to give one of these talks and share my own message.  I applied for the main TEDTALKS Conference, but wasn’t discouraged when I didn’t receive an e-mail back. Instead, I used that momentum and looked for local TedX events and applied as a speaker.  There was an upcoming event in Tampa, just a few hours away from my home. In this application it asked about previous experience, blogs & videos, and my proposed topic. I shared a bio, some info, and a link to my blog talk radio show. 

A couple of weeks later, I received an e-mail saying they accepted me as a speaker!  🙂 

Originally, there was a note saying that only speakers from the Tampa Bay Area  would be accepted. As I am from Palm Beach County, it was a blessing to be accepted.

Highlight of Preparing to Give a TedX Talk

Through the months of preparation from idea to reality, the best part of the whole experience was honestly just being present at the event and listening to the other speakers. Yes, it was awesome to fulfill the longing of speaking about my topic, but being there was enough. 🙂 

How Living Like a Third Grader Can Transform Your Life

 My first idea for a topic was mentoring, yet after attending a leadership conference, Kristen Hadeed (entrepreneur of Student Maid) encouraged me to speak more personally about my role with the youth.

I gathered all my stories, laughing moments, and deep lessons from being around my elementary students. This perspective I had gained from being around them, I knew that people would listen, and be able to relate. It’s hard to think that we can actually learn a lesson from kids, but the Bible says to have childlike faith! God has shown me to have this kind of faith while being around the youth. This has carried over to my Spirit, and I was able to share that with the local group, and now the world online. It truly was an awesome journey that’s still continuing!

Do you have an urge to fulfill a dream? A passion longing to be acted upon?

Dr Seuss quote

Go for it!

Giving a TedX, or other community talk, will give you peace and your journey will be a blessing to inspire others to take action on something they may have been putting on hold. Go for it!

What would your topic be for a Tedx Talk? Let me know in the comments below! And, please! After your TedX talk, come back and share the links with our Word Traveling community!

Joseph Almeida is an After- Care Counselor and a Substitute Teacher for the Palm Beach County School District. He  graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Joseph says, “I have aspirations to teach, travel, and inspire people all over the world. I have a heart for the youth, and a passion for being a positive role model. I enjoy playing the guitar and writing music, interacting with friends, and appreciating the gift of life.”