The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge – a guest post by Kathy Balman


On a recent road trip to South Carolina, I decided to make a detour for a spontaneous adventure.  After driving across 3 states and through the Smokey Mountains, I arrived in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with my kids.  The Titanic Museum had been on our field trip list for quite awhile, and it did not disappoint.

The flags of the various different countries, representing individuals who sailed aboard the Titanic,  waved in the breeze near the entrance.  Upon being greeted by a friendly chamber maid and the Captain of the ship, we  received our official Titanic boarding passes. Our adventure was off to a terrific start.

titanic collage 1

Exciting details waited for us around every corner as we explored the 22,000 square foot ship.  We each had our own audio tour device, one for adults and the other created especially for young travelers. We had the opportunity to utilize special scavenger hunt materials on our journey as well.

titanic collage

There were so many insightful details included in this hands-on history experience.  Please take the opportunity to read the full post on  Kathy’s Cluttered Mind  where you will find links and information to help you plan your visit to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge  for a family travel experience you will not soon forget!

*links provided on Kathy’s Cluttered Mind  for studying the Titanic in your homeschool

I love spontaneous adventure, and this post from Kathy is sure to inspire your homeschool family to embrace a detour! Bon voyage! -Jen