Travel is not for boring families, via #NTTW

Travel is NOT for Boring Families

Today is Day #13 in our month long series: Travel is…

From very young, I’ve been curious to explore the world around me. Though scary at times, the sense of adventure inside of me moved me to keep searching for the “undiscovered worlds.”
This road of exploration took me to Ecuador at the age of 14 and then to Canada when I turned 17. Of course, those are not major travel plans, but to a young girl who lived with a single mom and with a limited budget, this was a big reach.

Travel is not for boring families, via #NTTW
You would have thought my desire for travel would cease when I got married and started having children. Nope.
At only 1 month old, we took our firstborn to Disney and made sure he enjoyed all the pleasantries of the themed parks. Two months after, we took him to the Smoky Mountains and submerged his new identity into the woods of the unknown.

So it was for every child who was born into our family…

A new adventure for every newborn gave the rest of the family the excuse to “show him the world.”

The ascendance of our traveling adventures really took off when we purchased our family business, Lifetime Books and Gifts, and started RV’ing for 5­6 months in a row so we could speak to the homeschooling community around the country. Our travels took us to over 40 U.S. States, where we made “pit” stops at every major National Park, State Park, museum or learning facility we could find.

The “unknown” had now become our new comfort zone and our children quickly adapted to it.

Travel is not for boring families, via #NTTW
The epitome of exploration and adventure reached it’s peak when I became pregnant with our fifth child and due to our work schedule, I had to find a midwife while traveling and give birth 2,000 miles away from our home in South Florida.

Our precious Lucas was born in Longmont, Colorado at 5,000 feet above sea level and was quickly immersed in our family adventures. Just two weeks after his birth, we visited the Grand Canyon and one week after that, we were in Yosemite National Park. Finally, after two months of being born, Lucas met the place where he would call “home.”

I share these peculiar and venturesome stories not to scare you, but to thrill you into what could possibly await your family when you travel (don’t worry…I’m sure you won’t have to give
birth on the road).

The society we live in today is so busy that when you choose to travel with your family, you are making a “container” of unity and bonding it with the strongest glue possible.

When you travel, you are making a statement­ Travel is NOT for Boring Families, and your children will LOVE the fact that you are not boring. They will love to know their parents are still excited to live life and to carry a vision of new worlds and exploration of ideas yet to be discovered…and the greatest part is you get to discover them together.


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