Valentine’s Haiku

We are studying poetry in our homeschool right now, so I felt it appropriate to write a little haiku for each of the men I love in my life- on handmade marbled paper cards. We made the paper at Christmas time- it was supposed to be red, but turned out more pink and purple so we pulled it back out for Valentine’s Day. We all made our own cards.
Remember the beauty of haiku? 5,7 and 5 simple syllables describing something beautiful in nature? What is more beautiful than love expressed in it’s simplest form?

For whom have you written a heartfelt expression of words these days?

For Daddy…

Visionary man

loved King’s son,Husband, Father-

year of redemption

For my firstborn…

My Makani Kai

tender loving dragonfly-

God made wind, ocean

For my “baby”- now three…

Brave hearted fire-

generous loving brother

cherished son, God’s prince

Buen Viaje! ~Jen