Visit Paraguay

18 Reasons to Visit Paraguay

When you come to Paraguay you get to meet friendly people. See the land of contrast. Experience the culture. Drink tereré. Try chipa. Visit touristic places like the Jesuit Ruins and Iguazu Falls.

These insider tips will help you make the most of your visit to Paraguay.

Partner with a national organization or ministry to experience what God is doing in the country of Paraguay.

Photo credit to Mike Goddard

I am Trisha Goddard. My husband, three children, and I have lived in Asunción, Paraguay since 2004. We serve with Partners for Paraguay, and our ministry involves mobilizing and holistically empowering the national and First Nations churches.

Photo credit to Mike Goddard

As a family, we absolutely love to travel, and if there is any advice that I can give you it would be:

  • Be a learner.
  • Build relationships.
  • Be flexible.
  • Come Visit Paraguay.

Paraguay, located in South America and landlocked by Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil, is the home to almost 7 million people. There are the Paraguayans, which includes 19 First Nation groups, and many other foreigners such as German, Brazilian, and American. Each ethnic group has their own unique language and culture. 

Paraguay has two national languages: Spanish and Guarani, yet due to the diversity of ethnicities, whether at an event or in a store, there will be anywhere from 2-4 languages spoken.

Paraguay is divided into two regions: the Eastern side and the Chaco. Asunción is the capital city, and there are four other main “big” cities: Pedro Juan Caballero, Ciudad del Este, Encarnacion, and Filadelfia.

Photo credit to Mike Goddard

Visit Paraguay and spend time with the Paraguayan people.

 The Paraguayan people are absolutely a blast to spend time with. Come build a friendship with them by first of all – not allowing time or a schedule to dictate your life, but focus on the relationships. Sit down, drink Paraguayan terere, and enjoy the fellowship! There is always time to do what you need to do later.

18 Reasons to Visit Paraguay

 Photo credit to Mike Goddard

Visit Paraguay and experience some (or ALL) of these places:

  1. Visit the Jesuit Ruins in Southern Paraguay.
  2. Visit the Iguazu Falls close to Paraguay’s border in Brazil or Argentina.
  3. Visit the Itaipu Dam in Eastern Paraguay.
  4. Visit a First Nations village. (My youngest son recommends the Ache!)
  5. Visit a Mennonite community.
  6. Visit the religious city of Caacupe. 
  7. Enjoy a typical Paraguayan folklore while eating at a Churrasqueria (all you can eat meat). 
  8. Go to a natural creek or two. 
  9. Go Downtown Asuncion to the currio shops and eat at the Vido Bar.

Visit Paraguay and try these foods and drinks:

  1. Paraguayan herbal tea with different herbs. You can drink it hot called “yerba mate”, or drink it cold called “tereré”.
  2. A hot drink called “cocido”, made with burnt yerba mate, milk, and sugar.
  3. A soda called “guarana”.
  4. Delicious fruit like mangos, oranges, pineapple, and watermelon.
  5. A bread made out of yucca flour and cheese called “chipa”.
  6. Meat pockets called “empanadas”.
  7. Paraguayan corn dishes called “chipa guazu” and “sopa paraguaya”.
  8. And the best, a Paraguayan barbecue with various meats called “asado”. 
Photo credit to Mike Goddard
Photo credit to Mike Goddard

18. Visit Paraguay and Serve.

My husband and I would be delighted to help connect you with an organization or ministry here in Paraguay where you could serve for a week, 3 months, or full-time.

Do you love kids?  Come serve in a children’s home.

Do you enjoy teaching?  Come teach English in a school.

Do you want to help in a building project? Come work alongside an organization that is building a new base.

Do you want to walk alongside First Nation groups? There are endless opportunities.

¡Rohayhu Paraguay! (“I love Paraguay!” in guarani)

 Photo credit to Mike Goddard

For those who are ready to consider a trip to visit Paraguay, here is some basic information:

Most countries need a passport and tourist visa. For Americans, you need a tourist visa that will cost $160USD per person (or more). This is a multi-entry – allowing you to stay in country up to 90 days and valid for 10 years. You can get visas by sending your application and passports to the Paraguayan embassy in the USA OR bring all the necessary paperwork and get it upon arrival at the airport in the capital city, Asunción.

  • For Airline Tickets, buy tickets to/from your preferred city to Asunción or Ciudad del Este. 
  • For Vaccinations, ask your doctor what he recommends.
  • For currency, Paraguay uses the Paraguayan Guarani. Bring clean dollars (no cuts, markings, rips, etc.) to exchange. When you come to Paraguay, be sure to alert your credit/debit card company when you travel and find out their International fees. 
  • For places to stay, there are various options with a wide price range, including Airbnb, Hotels, Hostels.
  • For transportation, you can use taxis, buses, or rent your own vehicle. 
 Photo credit to Mike Goddard