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Through rain and storm, summer is brewing! In light of summer, we vote for family travel to a theme park. When it comes to having family fun, taking a trip to a theme park is a great way to spend time with your family. We all need to get outdoors more and experience life in a new way. Here are some great ways to travel to a theme park this year.

Choose Theme Parks You Haven’t Visited

When it comes to choosing a theme park, we like to take a road less traveled. Instead of visiting the same park year after year, we choose a theme park we have never experienced before. Maybe you want some thrill seeking adventures or a nice relaxing lagoon. Pick out several theme parks your whole family would enjoy.

Vote on a Theme Park, Together

If your kids are anything like mine, they all have opinions of their own. Instead of stifling their decision-making skills, give them options. Once you have decided on several different theme parks to visit, have everyone vote on a theme park. When everyone has voted, you can choose the theme park with the most votes, or you could put all parks in a hat and draw a random adventure.

Spend Quality Time With Each Other

The best way to travel with your family is making an effort to enjoy the trip while spending quality time with each other. Whether you choose to fly or travel by car, there are some great ways to squeeze in some quality time as you travel to a theme park.

  • Turn Off Electronic Devices: You can’t really spend time with your family if you’re on Facebook or playing games the whole way there.
  • Play Travel Games: Whether on a plane or in the car, you playing games like I spy or Twenty Questions. Playing games is a great way to pass the time and have fun with each other.
  • Learn About Where You’re Going: Another great way to travel is to take the moment to learn about different cultures, history, and maybe the design of the rides. Take books about the amusement park, the city, and the trip to get there. Spend time seeing what you can find out that none of you knew.

Create a Family Theme Park Scrap Book

The great thing about visiting different theme parks is the opportunity to make those memories last a lifetime. Make sure to take lots of pictures. You can create a scrapbook that features different theme parks and different activities you did as you all grew.

Traveling to a new theme park each year gives you and your family a way to experience different places as you grow, create memories, and spend quality time together. We vote for family travel to theme parks; where do you travel with your family?


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