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A Family Adventure: Travel

Welcome to Day #6 in our Travel is… series!
Have you been thinking about traveling more with your kids? Did you know besides making life-long memories, travel is an amazing way to educate children about the world around them, to engage them in new experiences and to encourage healthy risk taking in a fun atmosphere! Travel is a Family Adventure.

Travel is an amazing way to spend quality time together as a family and create lifelong memories. BUT it is also an opportunity for adventure. Why is adventure important?

Adventure is defined as an exciting or unusual experience,
but it can also be a BOLD or RISKY undertaking.

When it comes to our kids, I know we often don’t immediately think of risk as being a good thing, but it is often a crucial part of raising kids who can thrive in our world. See that other word – BOLD? When kids learn to take good risks, by facing something that scares them and conquering that fear, they gain confidence and it empowers them to be more BOLD in their everyday lives.

Learning New Skills

Traveling is a Family Adventure
From setting up a campsite to checking luggage at the airport, travel gives your children opportunities to gain important life skills. Rather than parents assuming total command, take a risk and allow the kids to play a role in the execution of basic tasks. Admittedly, this may take more time than handling everything yourself, but taking advantage of unfamiliar circumstances can be an excellent way to teach a skill. Learning to follow directions, via assembling a tent, or reading & navigating flight schedules in a busy airport, are valuable lessons.

Trying New Things

Travel is a Family Adventure.

The risk can be something where they physically challenge themselves. If you’re staying close to home, consider activities like hiking, geocaching, or kayaking. For others, you may feel like venturing a little further and doing something more unusual like snorkeling, zip lining, or skiing. Encouraging your child to overcome any initial fears and push themselves beyond the norm is an important lesson.

Eating New Foods

Travel Is A Family Adventure
The adventure of trying new foods seems to be a hidden benefit of traveling with kids. Extra physical activity increases the hunger level in my children and they’re more open to sampling new cuisine. There are often opportunities to be involved in food prep, like roasting the day’s catch over a campfire, or trying various local cuisines that expand your child’s palate.

Travel Is A Family Adventure

The risk can be striking up conversation with peers at the resort pool or at a structured kid’s activity. Encouraging children to make new friends is another fantastic benefit that comes with travel. It’s amazing to watch friendships bloom as kids find a common interest and spend the next several hours together!

Travel Is A Family Adventure
Whether you choose to journey far from home or plan a day trip, travel is a family adventure. It can force children outside their comfort zone and present them with all sorts of new experiences.

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