Folding Sheets

A mother’s task list never ends-
her families’ life upon it depends.

With countless lines
of things to do,

One question troubles me…
perhaps you.

What’s the point of folding sheets?
They’ll just get wrinkled when we sleep.

T-shirts- I’ll fold them all day long
while I sing a happy song.

But those silly, giant sheets
always claim a great defeat.

The banded corners try my patience
And really seem like such great nonsense.

Out of the closets they often come-
Living room forts are much more fun!

Than pressed and pleated cotton lines
consuming too much precious time.

Perhaps I’ll roll them in a ball-
Then stuff a closet in the hall.

And use those extra fleeting moments
Penning words so life makes sense.

“Maaahhhmmm- can we PLLLEEEEAAAASE make a fort?”

Here, boys, I’ll help.

Featured over on the Sassy Slow Cooker as a Valentine’s Day Gift for mom’s with love!

Written for Poem a day challenge, Day 4

Buen Viaje! ~Jen


4 responses to “Folding Sheets”

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      thanks, De- Fun. Fun. 🙂

  1. Hannah Gosselin Avatar

    Hi, Jen!!

    Thank you so much for your visit!!

    This poem exudes awesome-mama-hood…yes, time so much more well spent penning poems and making forts, I’m in agreement here!! Two boys? I have two too 6 and 3. How old are your boys?

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