cove at Heraion Loutraki Greece

Best Things To Do in Loutraki, Greece

Perhaps the most cosmopolitan town we visited on our ten-day tour of the Corinthian Riviera, the seaside hot spot of Loutraki, Greece is filled with allure and archaeology, and is sure to resonate with every kind of discriminating traveler.

cove at Heraion Loutraki Greece

Things to Do in Loutraki, Greece

  • Go out on the bay in a boat
  • Travel into Athens for the day to see some of the most famous archaeological sites, you’re only an hour away.
  • Explore local archaeology and historic sites from the Greek Dark Ages, like the ancient Heraion of Perachora (Greek: Ηραίο Περαχώραςsanctuary and temple to the goddess Hera, situated on a gorgeous seaside cove just outside town on the azure waters of the Corinthian gulf at the end of the Perachora peninsula.

I loved the feeling of sitting on the benches of the chapel on the hill, with the whistling wind, while overlooking such an ancient pagan site. God redeems all.

chapel on the hill, Heraion, Loutraki Greece
Chapel on the Hill, Heraion

the cover at loutraki

  • Dare to walk the steps down the cliff by the Heraion to swim and immerse yourself in one of the most gorgeous and hidden seaside coves on Earth. (above)
  • Visit the Loutraki Thermal Spa. Enter the warm and rejuvenating waters that are said to contain numerous health benefits, just be prepared for a mini-doctors visit to check your blood pressure before you immerse yourself in the jets of the hydrotherapy pools.
Loutraki thermal spa
Loutraki thermal spa
  • Enjoy entertainment
  • Don’t miss a Greek coffee experience at Paul’s along the boardwalk.

Paul's coffee shop loutraki Greece

  • Have an artistic Asian-Mediterranean fusion dining experience at Paladar.  It’s a smokin’ place. Literally, my dinner was smoking with liquid nitrogen. Don’t miss the squid ink risotto.

dinner at Paladar, Loutraki Greece

  • Head just outside town to enjoy an island-like day along the shores of Lake Iraion in Limni Vouliagmenis, a gorgeous and photo-perfect turquoise lake surrounded by mountains and trees.

  • You’ll feel like you’re in another world, and the fresh seafood is out of this world. You may even see the fresh calamari or octopus drying on the line right above where you dine. Don’t miss lunch (especially the calamari!) at Taverna Plaz Lido.

  • Explore the specialty candy-maker like Geraneia, a family business operating since 1958. Indulge in some amazing traditional Greek delights, especially the rose loukoumi, a sort of gummy candy. 

loukoumi, loutraki greek delight

  • Relax at the bar or go to the casino while the kids are in the childcare program
  • Go taste some local olive oils.
  • Swim at an oceanfront pool.

Hotel Club Loutraki pool

Where to Stay in Loutraki, Greece

Hotel Club Loutraki

This stunningly chic and luxurious coastal hotel is the perfect place to stay as you explore the romance of Greece’s Corinthian Rivera or its ancient capital city of Athens. Stay in top-notch accommodation with everything you need at your fingertips.

Rooms at Hotel Club Loutraki

There are several types of rooms at the Hotel Club Loutraki, each with a different rate. Breakfast in an additional fee, but there are many seasonal specials you can look for to offset this cost. Child cots are free of charge. Pets are not allowed.

  • The Deluxe Room has a stunning sea view, plus free refreshments from the mini-bar. The living room has a sofa bed, making it able to accommodate three adults. Although the WiFi is free, the TV is an additional cost. This room is ideal for families with a single teenage son or daughter.
  • The Executive Room is decorated in the finest of minimalist-style luxury, including a marble-clad bathroom. This room also has a pay TV, and it can accommodate three adults.
  • The best part of the Golden Sunset Suites is the view of the sun setting on the Gulf. This suite has a separate bedroom, and it includes a mini bar, a desk with a fax machine, a pay TV, a Jacuzzi bath tub in the restroom, and space for three.
  • The Royal Balcony Suite is all about luxury, and it’s a family-friendly suite that can accommodate three. The room is perfect for a family with children of any age. It has its own balcony, where you can enjoy the ocean views and dine in the fresh sea air. It has two bathrooms, a living and dining area, two TVs, a minibar, a direct phone line, and plenty of room.
  • The Venice Suite is designed to look and feel like a Renaissance dwelling. There are even mosaics on the walls! Separate from the bedroom is a living and dining area where you can enjoy the pay TV, and there are two bedrooms that also include their own TVs. The bathrooms have Jacuzzi tubs and Renaissance-inspired mosaics. This room fits three. The Paris Suite is similar, but with a French flair.
  • The Exotic Suite has everything that the other rooms offer, plus two floors, two bedrooms, and room for four.
  • The Mediterranean Suite is the same, but with different décor. It fits four, so it’s ideal for families.
Seaside at Hotel Club Loutraki
Seaside at Hotel Club Loutraki

Amenities at Hotel Club Loutraki

The Hotel Club Loutraki includes many convenient amenities, including spacious underground parking, free WiFi, pools, gardens, entertainment, dining, and pretty much everything you can imagine. For families, the highlight is the Loutraki Pirates’ Club, a childcare program and play space. Plenty of fun awaits kids as adults get a chance to spend time on grown-up activities!

Thanks to our staff writer, Breana Johnson, for co-creating the hotel portion of this post.