Geography Jokes- Clean Funny Kid Friendly

More Funny Geography Jokes

More Funny Geography Jokes

I hope you liked part one of our funny geography jokes! Keep reading for even more jokes and one-liners that will have you laughing out loud! How do they come up with all these geography jokes, anyway? Make sure you share them with your friends!

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Why didn’t true north date magnetic north?

Geography Jokes- Clean Funny Kid Friendly

She didn’t like his bearing.

Why did the dot go to college?

Because it wanted to be a graduated symbol.

What kind of maps do spiders make?

Web-based maps

What is a nautical chart’s best baseball pitch?

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The depth curve.

What kind of contours can see in the dark?

Illuminated contours.

What’s a pirate favorite state?


Even More Laugh Out Loud Funny Geography Jokes

What always sits in the corner but can move all round the world?

 A stamp.

Where do fish store their money?

In riverbanks.

What do you call the small rivers that flow into the Nile?
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How can you tell which compasses and scales are intelligent?

Look for those who’re graduated.

What swims and is big, white, furry and always points North?

a Polar Bearing.

What city always cheats at exams?


Why does Bigfoot know all the map symbols?

Because he’s a legend.

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