Geography Jokes- Clean Funny Kid Friendly

Funny Kid Friendly Geography Jokes

Laugh out Loud with these Funny Geography Jokes

In our homeschool, our family adheres to the philosophy: “Homeschool is a Misnomer. We are hardly ever home, and it certainly doesn’t look like school.” One of our favorite ways to engage our boys in reading has always been kid-friendly jokes. I hope you like this assortment of clean, funny and kid-friendly geography jokes, and please do click the share buttons above- your friends will thank you!

Seriously, Geography is no Laughing Matter

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Geography Jokes- Clean Funny Kid Friendly


Seriously. Geography is no laughing matter, and your kids need to learn about the world around them! So why not make it fun by telling some jokes! And while you’re at it, watch this hysterical video below which will reinforce your need to use awesome geography resources, printable maps and tools like North Star Geography and Wonder Maps from our friends at Bright Ideas Press. (And YEAH! They’re on sale this month! 25% off! Whoo hoo! That’s no laughing matter!)

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Laugh Out Loud Geography Jokes


Why is it easy to get into Florida?

There are so many keys.

Why did the spider cross the road?

 To get to his website.


 What do fish, pianos and maps have in common?

 They all have scales.

 What did Delaware?

 Her New Jersey.

What is round at the ends and high in the middle?


Why did the geography student tread water?

His grades were below C-level

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What do you call a map to Alcatraz?

A con-tour map.

If Mississippi bought Virginia a New Jersey, what would Delaware?

Idaho… Alaska!

What do Albert Einstein and a map key have in common?
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Both are legends.

Why do paper maps never win card tournaments?

Because they always fold.

Why don’t cartography students wear high heels?

They prefer flat maps.

Why does west longitude need to be cheered up?

 Because it is always negative.

“It’s apparent,” said the homeschool mom, “that you haven’t been studying your geography.”
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“Well mom,” said the student “Dad says the world is changing every day, so I want to wait until it settles down.”

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  1. Heather Avatar

    Yes! Geography is what we are into this year; history seems to have fallen by the wayside but maps–we are all over that! Great resources. Found you on the Homeschool Nook link up!

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      So glad you found us, Heather! I’m a map junkie, too! And globes…I think we have a dozen in the house! LOL