Love is: A Poem of True Love

Love is the man-

Valentine's Collage

Who out takes the trash as law,

Teaches those under him to do the same-

Yet forgives when they forget.


Love is the man-

Who commits the unforgivable,

Confesses through hurting eyes-

Holds the woman whose heart is broken

Through the very same dark night

And receives supernatural forgiveness.

Love is the man-

Who plants many seeds,

Of truth and love to his children-

Fruits and herbs in his garden

To enhance the flavors of life

Through the simplest pleasure-

our family meal.

Or the seeds of flowers,

Which grow into blossoming weeds

And feed the tiniest caterpillars

That his children may watch miracles unfold

Of patience, perseverance,

God’s timing and transformation.

Love is the man-

Who fills the seeds,

To nurture the painted songbirds

And in turn

Nurtures the heart of his wife

As she paints the songbirds

And rainbows on the hearts of his children

While she teaches them to

Wait silently,

Watch expectantly,

And listen carefully for the tiniest feathered friends

Whose songs are composing a symphony-

Of everyday peace and joy.

Love is the man-

Who wakes silently

Before dawn

As to not awaken his sleeping beauty

Yet wakes his spirit inside to align with His heavenly Father’s

and his four-legged friends,

Pours his cup and fills his heart to overflowing-

To greet them at daybreak.

Love is the man-

Whose face is plastered as a star-

Yet is planted in life giving words

of the Creator of them.

Love is the man-

Who travels the globe on the dime of another,

Carefully budgets his families’

And returns to his humble mansion

To say, “there’s no place like home.”

Love is the man-

Whose laugh is contagious,

Smile is intoxicating-

And animated stories of heritage and service fill volumes.

Love is the man-

Who looks past her cluttered and dirt-smeared messes-

Over the white floors

Covering the counters

Smothering the nightstands

Staining her mind and soul

Raging out of her mouth-

To sweeter still see the woman he married,

Beyond the excess pounds, disorganized art supplies and dusty library books-

Revealing her greatest treasures of spending

More time playing games with the children

Or sitting in Her Papa’s lap

Limit her ability for mopping and organizing piles.

Instead- she organizes her jumbled thoughts and broken heart into

Words, shots, brushstrokes, glitter and heaven-sent shimmering red thread-

Keystroke by keystroke

Scribble by scribble

Click by click

Brush by brush

Shimmery sprinkle by shimmery sprinkle

Stitch by stitch-

Healing her heart while she prays

To spread words and art like wings and gold dust,

Healing others’ too.

Love is The One-

Who gave His life,

So we can be one in this

Together in the next,

And who gave me the man

Loving enough to inspire this.

Starry eyed for you.

Forgiveness brings hidden joy.

Won’t you please be mine?







Buen Viaje! ~Jen


One response to “Love is: A Poem of True Love”

  1. Kim Avatar

    Breathtaking, Jen! You paint with words as you might paint with watercolors. Such a vibrant poem of love and life. I’m looking forward to pondering your words again and again. Beautiful!