The Missing One

written for the November poem a day challenge

Thanks, De for always inspiring me with your words. Please check out De’s amazing blog of poetic ponderings here.

The Missing One

poem- the missing one

Eleven thousand dollars.

contained our Spanish bank account

yet our hearts were empty.


it wasn’t as planned

we were missing ONE.

It should read

one hundred eleven thousand dollars

to carry us-

you, me and baby

across countless dreams

thirty-five thousand kilometers

eight months

six countries

one foreign continent.

Funds failed.

Sure defeat in sight.

Desperate for that ONE.

We knocked,

softly at first.

He said he would appear-

a little louder.

He did!

Pounding on the door!

Fully-funded our depleted souls

unlimited securities and trust.

We were carried

By that ONE.


Ten years later-

the bank account is still full.

I dream countless dreams,

sing and pen more than thirty-five thousand hope words

twelve months

seven days a week

One familiar word.




Buen Viaje! ~Jen


3 responses to “The Missing One”

  1. De Jackson Avatar

    Love this, Jen. So much.

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      De- thank you. I’m having SO. MUCH. FUN. Love you, sister- thanks for never giving up on words:)

  2. reservei a Pousada Morada da Praia Avatar

    Saben quantο sale un hotel cerca de aqui?