Travel Creates Memories - find out how at #NTTW

Travel is Great for Creating Special Memories

Today is Day #9 in our Travel is… Series

I love traveling! Not only does it give me the chance to explore and learn about the world around me, it also gives me the chance to create memories that often bring smiles to my face!

Travel Creates Memories - find out how at #NTTW

In my travels, I have done some pretty amazing things. One example of this is when I traveled to India last year…talk about memories!

One of the most memorable was my visit to the Taj Mahal, 1 of the 7 wonders of the world. While it was amazing, I was traveling without my family and I kept thinking about how much I wanted to be enjoying it with them.

2014-09-13 03.18.09

Some of my happiest memories are those created when we travel together as a family.

When we’re on a family vacation, my husband and I are able to let go of the weight of the world and focus on one another and our children in an elevated way that proves to be difficult when we’re home. I’m not going to lie, traveling with the kids can be stressful but it is definitely worth it.
Family Pic at Mickey's Very Merry Party
Last year, we took a family cruise that we still talk about to this day. With all of the things to do aboard the ship and all of the cool excursions we got to do, one of the most memorable things we did together as a family was order room service and play games together in our cabin late at night. In fact, we had such a great time with one another that my husband and kiddos are anxiously hoping to go on another one (and so am I).
2014-06-24 11.31.44
Here’s how I see it; I only have my babies for a short amount of time, so I want to do as much with them as possible before they are off on their own.

As we travel, I want them to learn from our experiences, grow from them and then hopefully inspire them to do the same in their life journey.

Travel is great for creating special memories!

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  1. prashant Avatar

    This blog was so impressive I have got all my require information to visit the places to India. The tourist destination you mention in your blog was so good. I have get the knowledge about various parts of India.
    The historical places and national parks you mentioned was so beautiful. The pictures was also appreciable.

  2. Mittal Avatar

    Hi Leanette, looking at you posing in front of the Taj Mahal took me back to the time when I visited it for the first time. I was as thrilled as you appear to be. it is such an awe-inspiring monument. I agree creating memories with your loved one is important. so glad you are able to do it.. 🙂

  3. Serina Sorrels Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this information, I
    truly enjoyed your storytelling fashion.

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