Where in the World Weekly Writing Contest

1) Check in on Friday’s to the “where in the world ?” link, right here on Word Traveling

2. Grab a guess at where (or what) the image is…

3. WRITE. WRITE. WRITE. Poems, thoughts, inspirations, short stories…. wherever the words take you.

Post your words in the comments below! Homeschoolers and poets are WELCOME and encouraged to participate!

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5. Come back the the following Friday (unless I’m traveling,) I’ll announce the winner of the signed, matted 5×7 image which inspired the winning words, and it will be in the winner’s mailbox in 4-6 weeks!

6. Write again. There will be a new image to inspire words! The instructions will remain, but the image will change!  Scroll through past comments to see other entires as they take flight!


Weekly Writing Contest
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9 responses to “Where in the World Weekly Writing Contest”

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  2. De Jackson Avatar

    Cobbled Heart

    I have stumbled
    a thousand
    and one
    broken miles
    to find you.

    walk these veins
    and trace my lanes
                and trail my world

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      Great to hear your voice in words again De after a week of eternity away and a few more days rocking to get back into a swing 🙂

  3. S.E.Ingraham Avatar

    Shards of History

    We remember walking in our tiny village
    Rionero in Vultur, where the streets
    Are brick or cobblestone
    And the wine-cellars still dug
    Into the hills, like caves, with wooden doors
    And bars on the windows like prisons

    Evenings were the best; we walked
    Downtown just to be part of the community
    When every member of every family
    Gathered in the park off the main piazza
    There amongst trees older than time

    Nonnos played checkers or chatted and joked
    And Nonnas,their arms folded across their chests
    Gossiped, and watched all that went on with hawk-like
    Vigilance—their grandchildren, their kids, everyone’s—
    Their tongues wagging like flags in a stiff breeze
    The conversation punctuated with laughter pealing,
    The sound not unlike the ubiquitous bells
    Heard so often in this part of the world

    There is something reassuring about ritual
    This ingrained where all ages intermingle
    Every evening, regular as train-time
    Even the teenagers, milling about in groups
    They’re in the park too—off by themselves
    But still a part of the whole—
    And they speak when spoken to
    Which admittedly does not seem to be often
    However, they also do not seem bent
    On getting into any serious trouble…

    When we return to North America we ponder
    The phenomenon, wonder how we could bring
    It across the ocean with us, start the practise
    Here with our family, our communities…
    Three years of musing and speculating and still
    We’re no closer to figuring out a way, but we dream…

    (this lovely shot looks definitely European to me and Italian – it cou

    1. S.E.Ingraham Avatar

      Agh – I hate when that happens – posts before I’m finished typing…just was going to say, it could be any small town in Europe, and in probably any country (France, Spain, Italy etc.) but my guess is southern Italy – no definite place tho’.

      1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

        I am completely with you, Sharon- we too have been, and are, there…
        ” When we return to North America we ponder
        The phenomenon, wonder how we could bring
        It across the ocean with us, start the practise
        Here with our family, our communities…”
        Watch my blog for our attempt this week 🙂
        BTW- it’s St. Emilion, France- but yes, could be almost anywhere in Europe:)

    2. De Jackson Avatar

      Just beautiful, Sharon. I feel like I am there with you. So lovely.

  4. Mel Millwee Avatar

    I am stuck in one place.
    and you’re moving on.
    I am rooted in my spot.
    and you’re leaving me.
    You are walking away.
    and I’m left behind.

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      Love this, Mel-
      Feel your pain. Thanks for sharing.