Where in the wor(d) Wednesdays?

For some time, I’ve wanted to share images  I’ve captured around the world with other writers as a tool for inspiration…

Without further ado, I announce “Where in the World Wednesdays?”

The format is this:

1) Check in on Wednesday to the “where in the world Wednesday?” link, right here on Word Traveling

2. Grab a guess at where (or what) the image is…

3. WRITE. WRITE. WRITE. Poems, thoughts, inspirations, stories…. wherever the words take you.

Post your words in the comments below! Homeschoolers and poets are WELCOME and encouraged to participate!

4. Enter your email at right to follow my blog.  LIKE us on Facebook.  Link your words and my contest to your site!

5. Come back the the following Wednesday, I’ll announce the winner of the signed, matted 5×7 image which inspired the winning words!

6. Write again. There will be a new image to inspire words! The instructions will remain, but the image will change!  Scroll through past comments to see other entires as they take flight!


I see things differently.

“A photograph takes the mind hostage in its quest to free the soul” ~ quoted from my new Blog template site.

Where will photos take you?

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11 responses to “Where in the wor(d) Wednesdays?”

  1. S.E.Ingraham Avatar


    There are churches, cathedrals too
    Places all over the world where worship
    Is practised, spaces where the devout go
    To be at their most holy when they
    Feel the most exalted, or the most troubled

    But nowhere is religion observed
    More spectacularly – at least not Christianity
    Than in the Duomos of Italy – from the gothic
    Many-spired fairy-tale beauty of Milan’s
    To the unexpected sequestered opulent
    Grandeur that is Pompeii’s main street find

    One cannot go anywhere without literally
    Tripping over homage to God so elaborate
    One’s breath is snatched away by the sheer
    Audacity, the amount of excellence artists
    Have poured out to honour their faith…


    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      Love it!
      Thanks for playing along as the journey begins!



    2. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      Hi… You WON- “like” us and then connect with me via facebook or email and I’ll mail your prize! Please keep playing along on Wednesdays!
      Be blessed!

  2. Catherine Lee Avatar


    He sprawls on the floor,
    surrounded by plastic bricks
    that carry him to a world
    without wall-to-wall carpeting
    or time outs or taller people
    leaning down to speak
    into his upturned face.
    Instead, he bends the walls
    and paints with sweeping
    strokes in limitless patterns
    of anything goes.

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      Oh, to have that perspective again! Thanks, Catherine-
      any guess as to where?

      Be blessed-

      1. Catherine Lee Avatar

        Umm, Vezelay Abbey?

        1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

          Catherine- You WON! 🙂 Ok, all three of you did as it was the first week and I’m feeling generous:)
          But, seriously- LOVED your analogy of the lego bricks!
          Like Word Traveling,sign up for the email, and then Contact me via FB with your address for your prize! And, please play along again this week! Cheers!

  3. De Jackson Avatar


    We build these crazy things
    knowing we may never see
    the beauty we’ve created
    amid all this rubble. For every
    brick we fight, and we
    sing and wait for the acoustics
    to kick in just right, carry our
    voices high, and when we look
    up to watch them go, we gasp
    feel the light
    and realize it’s all
    worth it.

    I have no idea where this might be, you well-traveled girl, you. 😉 Somewhere in Italy, perhaps?

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      The Duomo in Pisa, read all about it today! And, you (ok- everyone) WON! xxoo

  4. Mark Windham Avatar

    Excellent photo, thanks for the prompt. Poem at the link.

  5. Jen Reyneri Avatar

    Thanks, Mark! Inspiring words- yes- His majesty is more than the building. Check out week two for the new prompt and “where” it was!
    PS- Your comment was in SPAM- but as it was my inaugural week, you too are a winner! Message me offline with your mailing address!