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A Caribbean Scavenger Hunt (Part 2) and A FUN & FREE Printable for You!

I was so inspired by the fun that on our last family adventure in the Caribbean , it led me to create a FREE printable Family Caribbean Scavenger hunt for you, too. You can download it at the bottom of this post.  🙂

If you follow along on our adventures, you know I’m a treasure seeker- hunting for God’s beautiful treasures in our every day life. And the more I seek HIM, His glory around— the more I find.

The blessing of this blog and the opportunity it provided to take this reduced-rate trip was certainly a treasure. Of the many visits our family has made to different Caribbean Islands, the recent trip to attend the #BeachesMoms Social Media on the Sand Conference was tops for some of the best family fun, EVER, thanks in big part to the Instagram Scavenger Hunt! (Here’s a link to part one!)

Meanwhile, as promised, here are the remaining photos that helped my family place in the finals of this fabulous #BeachesGoSeek hunt! Are you on Instagram? Would love it if we could connect there! My blogging journey was actually started by my photography business, I love using this new Social Platform to connect in pics!


24. You and three OTHER MOMS in the ocean (at least up to your knees), but this time holding a beach ball.

Leave it to #HPSmartMoms to make sure they provided those beach balls! And so much other fun! Another one snapped then clicked onto my iPhone from the back of Luke’s waterproof camera screen. The one big challenge at the resort was the wifi that kept going down, and I wasn’t able to use the wireless transfer feature. But, hey- this does the trick, right?

Beach ball blast to beat the rain! #BeachesGoSeek #BeachesMoms @beachesresorts #HPBeachesMom #24

A photo posted by jenreyneri (@jenreyneri) on

25. Your family on the beach building a sandcastle.

Ok, this was totally staged. The rain was on its way just as we needed to grab this photo and the one above.

Team Reyneri! Sandcastle fun @beachesresorts #BeachesGoSeek #BeachesMoms #HPBeachesMom #25 A photo posted by jenreyneri (@jenreyneri) on


26. An intricate tile mosaic.

They were everywhere. Plenty to choose from, and admire. These were the floors near the elevators in the Italian village.  On my way for espresso. Daily.


27. A photo of a lit fire pit.

There’s just something about a campfire. Especially on the beach. In the Caribbean.

28. A photo (collage) in front of ALL FOUR village signs.

Even though this hunt was for “selfies” I only wish I had my sons in the photos and had someone else snap them 🙂 But I sure am thankful I’ve taught them how to shoot. Next year.  As my new friend Fadra said, “Stay at one, play at all!”

29. A photo of you playing in the Xbox Play Lounge

This homeschool mom is grateful we didn’t spend too much time here. I think there were over 100 different screens. Though they tested some new games, my boys preferred the natural scenery, the air hockey, water slides and lazy river to the XBox.

30. A photo of someone who looks like someone famous.


Hey- is that Jack Sparrow? No. It’s my amazing hubby 🙂 #BeachesGoSeek #30 #BeachesMoms @beachesresorts A photo posted by jenreyneri (@jenreyneri) on

If you think that photo of my hubby is fun, check out this Never Before Seen Video of Jack Sparrow?!?!?

At the Beaches weekly Parade, complete with all the Sesame Street Characters!


31. A photo of towel art

32. A selfie with your favorite Beaches team member

His name is Jupiter 🙂 our home town 🙂  Of course he’s my favorite.

33. The Sunrise

The thing with islands, and beach towns like ours, is (most of the time) you get either amazing sunrise or sunsets, but not usually both. I’m more of a night owl, so I prefer the sets. But I always make the effort to catch at least one of each on an adventure.

34. The Sunset


Incredible sunset. #nofilter #HPBeachesMom #BeachesGoSeek #BeachesMoms #34 @beachesresorts

35. Your absolute favorite spot on the property

Favorite spot on property @beachesresorts Playtime with my boys at the lazy river! #BeachesGoSeek #BeachesMoms #35

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36. A photo of your family at Beaches

Not much more fun than a kiddie cocktail swim up pool bar!

37. An elegant resort fountain

38. Clinking glasses

This was too pretty NOT to taste:)

39. Something that makes you happy

Being the mom of these amazing boys makes me very happy! #BeachesMoms #BeachesGoSeek @beachesresorts #39

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40. Photo of a smile

41. People laughing

Laughter is great medicine! @beachesresorts #BeachesGoSeek #BeachesMoms #41

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42. Anything that catches your eye

AWESOME license plates- reserved for taxis I think:)

43. Something with wings

Something with wings for sure. #43. That’s one big bird! #SesameatBeaches #BeachesGoSeek #BeachesMoms @beachesresorts

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44. A directional sign

45. A dessert photo

Who needs lunch with these desserts? Here’s a PSA: (Public Service Announcement) My mom always said, “Dessert is spelled with TWO S’s because you want MORE.”

46. A photo at the Island Routes Tour Desk

#LiveFunner LOL

47. Lands’ End Swim Tee Selfie

As many sizes of swim tees I’ve purchased for the boys as they grow, I’ve never bought one for myself. And it’s really sad, as I was the one with melanoma cells removed from my scalp a few years ago. (Miraculous story for another time.)

48. Strike a pose in front of the HP Living Photo Wall

This was such a fun idea. Real life liking. Definitely thumbs up. 🙂 #HPSmartMoms

49. Pose in the most blissful spot with Neuro

This quiet balcony was definitely bliss. Though I didn’t finish the drink.

50. Take a selfie in your Iristocracy sunglasses.

Thanks, @iristocracyofficial for the fabulous new shades. And thanks @beachesresorts for the braids 🙂 #BeachesGoSeek #BeachesMoms #50

A photo posted by jenreyneri (@jenreyneri) on

Not sure if the new sunglasses or the hair braids were more fun!

WOW! If you made it through this photographic journey with me (and you know, here, it’s all about the journey!) YOU deserve a prize too!

Leave me a comment, and I’ll send you something FABULOUS  from my fine art photography archives!

And, remember to download YOUR free Caribbean Scavenger Hunt HERE!

Bon Voyage! Via con Dios!

~ Jencaribbean scavenger hunt printable


2 responses to “A Caribbean Scavenger Hunt (Part 2) and A FUN & FREE Printable for You!”

  1. Kelly Stilwell Avatar

    This was so much fun to read! Makes me miss you, girl! Can’t wait to see you again. Def before the next BeachesMoms event! Love you!

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      Thanks, Kelly! You too!