Free maps USA States

Free Maps and Travel Guides of All 50 States- The Ultimate Resource!

How to get free state maps and tourism guides

If you’re like me, even though GPS has made it simple to navigate, I still love a good map. It’s imperative we teach our children how to use and read maps. Let’s face it- we need to know how to navigate in this technology-filled world with thousands of choices to be navigated each day. Think about all the analogies you can share and build character in your family and children from just learning to read a map!

Which (website, friend, way to go, verse, food, book to read, movie to watch, text to send, fill in the blank) one do I choose? Which way do I go? 

I knew it was possible to contact each state tourism department to receive a free map, and you can also request state travel guides. Some states even have kid-specific activity guides, and I’ve even received bumper stickers! 

Have your kids do the research for an awesome homeschool lesson, supplemental geography lesson, or just use the maps yourself to help you get where you’re going! As the old Chinese proverb says,

Here is an alphabetical list of free state maps available from most state tourism departments. Just click the links and provide your information and address, and the maps will arrive directly to you! (The links at the end referenced dot are for the department of transportation, in case you’d like an additional.) Enjoy the best FREE United States geography lesson you could ask for!


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Free maps USA States

Free Alabama State Map – 

Free Alaska State Map – Here’s the first case of “so, does this come with a map?” (dot map)

Free Arizona State Map

Free Arkansas State Map –  (dot map)

Free California State Map – (dot map) Colorado below…

Best Printable Maps

Free Colorado State Map – 

Free Connecticut State Map – 

Free Delaware State Map –  (dot map)

Free Florida State Map

Free Georgia State Map

Free Hawaii State Map – 

Free Idaho State Map –  (dot map)

Free Illinois State Map –  (dot map)

Free Indiana State Map –. (dot map)

Free Iowa State Map – 

Free Kansas State Map – dot map)

Free Kentucky State Map –  (dot map)

Free Louisiana State Map

Free Maine State Map – 

Free Maryland State Map –  (dot map)

Free Massachusetts State Map – 

Free Michigan State Map – . (dot map)

Free Minnesota State Map – 

Free Mississippi State Map – (dot maps)

Free Missouri State Map –  (dot map)

Free Montana State Map – 

Free Nebraska State Map –  (dot map)

Free Nevada State Map – 

Free New Hampshire State Map – 

Free New Jersey State Map – 

Free New Mexico State Map 

Free New York State Map – 

Free North Carolina State Map –  (dot map)

Free North Dakota State Map – 

Free Ohio State Map –  (dot map)

Free Oklahoma State Map – I’m kind of interested in their additional “Agritourism Map.” I thought Agritourism was just in Europe?  (dot map)

Free Oregon State Map – I love that they also offer an official kid’s guide to Oregon! dot map)

Free Pennsylvania State Map –  (dot map)

Free Rhode Island State Map – 

Free South Carolina State Map – 

Free South Dakota State Map – 

Free Tennessee State Map –  (dot map)

Free Texas State Map – 

Free Utah State Map – 

Free Vermont State Map – 

Free Virginia State Map –  (dot map)

Free Washington State Map – We  love the Pacific Northwest, and even have family in Seattle, and are headed soon for our second visit. Unfortunately they actually charge money for a travel guide. Their DOT offers a free high-res online version though. (dot map)

Free West Virginia State Map – (dot map)

Free Wisconsin State Map – We love Wisconsin! Spend my childhood summers in this beautiful state! Definitely cheese heads here! (dot map)

Free Wyoming State Map 


Special thanks to Hey It’s Free for the compilation of the list, even though I don’t endorse his humor 🙂

Buen Viaje! ~Jen


28 responses to “Free Maps and Travel Guides of All 50 States- The Ultimate Resource!”

  1. Lisa/Syncopated Mama Avatar

    A GPS can definitely be helpful, but I still have to have a physical map to feel confident I know where I’m going!

  2. Sheila Huffman Avatar
    Sheila Huffman

    I can’t seem to get the New Mexico map one to work to get one sent to me.

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      Thanks for letting me know, Sheila-
      The link was just updated! Happy Travels!


    433 PREJAN RD.
    CARENCRO,LA. 70520

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      The links to each free map are in the post, they come from each state, not from me.
      Hope your project turns out well!



  5. May Avatar

    Would like a free map of nortern us and one of southern us states.for travelling from quebec to florida

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      Hi, May-
      You can use this post as a resource to contact the right state tourism boards to request your maps.
      Safe travels!

  6. Wendy Avatar

    THANK YOU!! We are headed out cross-country, and this was an AMAZING find, everything together, and for all the states I needed only 2 links were not exact – but the info was still easy to find. This is an amazing resource, and I agree, the kiddo pages available from many states are great.

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      So glad to be a helpful resource!

  7. Michelle Scott Avatar
    Michelle Scott

    Is there just a U.S. Map? I want to travel from Michigan to Arizona and really wouldn’t want 8 different maps. Lol! 1 would be perfect. Thank you.

    1. Lori Avatar

      Did you ever find a USA Road Map? I’m looking for one too

      1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

        HI, Lori and Michelle-
        I’m working on it for you!

        1. Shanna Trcka Avatar
          Shanna Trcka

          I would like one too
          For my classroom

  8. Chuck Halverson Avatar
    Chuck Halverson

    I have a Map of ‘Indian County of Arizona Colorado New Mexico Utah’ 2000 edition.
    I am wondering if this Map has been updated recently, and if so, where can I obtain
    a couple of Maps. It has been of great help to us and we want to update, if we can.

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      Chuck- all the links are in the post above. Just write to the states where you’re interested in the maps. Happy trails!

  9. Robert Glandorf Avatar
    Robert Glandorf

    I don’t need each state map I need the USA map .Thanks BOB

    1. Ron Kacmar Avatar
      Ron Kacmar

      same here. looking for a free map of USA n world

  10. Garo Avatar

    We will be travelling to Rhode Island from Montreal, Quebec, Canada by car. I would like to have a road map please

  11. Marcella Avatar

    I would love to have all of the states .

  12. Allan Avatar

    I also came here looking for three maps, Canada, Mexico, United. Thanks for any help

  13. Penny Avatar

    What’s happening? You can’t find a map of the U.S.A. anywhere now that we know of. We need a free whole United States map, not separate state maps, please.

  14. Crystal Porter Avatar
    Crystal Porter

    I need the individual county maps of tn free. Any suggestions on where to find?

  15. Judith Dennis Avatar
    Judith Dennis

    I would like a USA Map

  16. Gina Avatar

    Thanks for the resource. This will definitely help my little ones.

  17. Marlene Avatar

    I need a map of the whole USA where can I find one

  18. richardallenz Avatar

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