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  • How to Buy a Used Go Pro (and Other Camera Gear) at a Discount

    Let’s face it. This world of digital technology is constantly changing, and we always need to be upgrading and improving the gear we use when it comes to photography and blogging. GoPro gear can be expensive, especially as an addition to the multitudes of other camera gear we’ve budgeted for and purchased at discount prices…

  • How To Afford Your Travels Abroad – Without Saving Up A Ton Of Money

    You don’t have to slave away saving up thousands to travel abroad. You could pack your bags and jet off somewhere next month if you wanted. In fact, we’ve done this! By reassessing the way you travel, here are just a few ways that you can fund your travels without saving up. Image Source This…

  • Vote For Budget Friendly Family Travel

    Vote For Budget Friendly Family Travel

    We all dream of and desire adventure. Making our travel dreams come true requires wise budgeting and lifestyle choices along the way. Today, I’m so thrilled to be guest posting on my friend Tabitha’s site, Meet Penny. Tabitha is one lady who has truly rocked her family’s budget and been able to make huge lifestyle…

  • Travel Budget Tips: Travel is Nearly Free!

    Travel Budget Tips: Travel is Nearly Free!

    Welcome to Day 10 of our Travel is… series! For our family, travel is an indispensable way to expand our horizons, experience new cultures and move outside our collective comfort zone. But travel – especially for a family of four – is expensive! We knew if we wanted our daughters to see the world that…

  • Family Travel is Affordable and Memorable

    Family Travel is Affordable and Memorable

    Welcome to Day 5 in our Travel is… series! As a homeschooling family, we feel traveling with our children is a great way to make lasting memories together. From daydreaming about where we want to go, to planning the trip, talking about it in the days leading up to it, and finally traveling all have…

  • Travel is Possible!

    Travel is Possible!

    Welcome to Day #2 in our Travel is… series! Today we’re starting things off over at Free Homeschool Deals sharing 5 Tips for Frugal Family Travel, giving you hope that Travel is Possible for every family! Including yours!  Join us! Please click the image below to see the other posts in this series.