Easy Ways Your Family Can Raise Money For Your Church

As the church does so much for you, it’s worth giving something back. After all, they might need to raise money for a retreat or missionary. Or they might be gathering funds to help the local community. Therefore, any money you can contribute will be a welcome blessing. After all, in James it says “faith without works is dead.” But when it comes to raising money, a lot of people don’t know where to start. But there are some things you can do as a family. In fact, here are some easy ways your family can raise money for your church.

Sell Old Items Around the House

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You might be surprised how many things you have lying around the house that you could sell. After all, we tend to just put things aside when we have finished using them. But these items could actually help you to raise some funds for your church. After all, they are bound to be useful to someone! Therefore, it’s worth selling old items like toys to electronics which can help to raise some money. And then you might want to hold a yard sale where you can sell all the bits and bobs. Or you could put them online on sites like Ebay to sell for a good price. And even if old phones and tablets aren’t working, some sites will accept them. And once you have the raised money, you can then give the funds to your church!

Sell Baked Goods

It’s also worth considering selling some baked goods if you want to raise money for your church. After all, it’s a lot of fun to make the goods in the first place. In fact, your kids can get involved to help you make the goods.This is our youngest’s favorite. And then you can sell them to your nearest and dearest to help raise some money. You could even ask in your neighborhood as someone might have a sweet tooth. If you don’t fancy cooking, you can still try and sell something in the local area. For example, you could do some cookie dough or candy fundraising locally. And the money you raise can go straight to the church.  Or you could always attempt to sell things like jewelry and handcrafted items for something a bit different to raise money!

Offer a Service to Others

You should also consider providing a service to people in your local community which can help you raise money for the church. For example, you could get your other half to offer his gardening skills. And the money he raises can go straight to the charity. Or it might be that you offer to do some sewing for your neighbors. After all, it might be something you are good at. And they will be willing to pay up if it helps them out! Therefore, think of different skills you can offer as a family to help raise money.


And doing some form of charity walk or hike is always a good way to raise some money. After all, people can sponsor you. And once completed, the funds will go straight to your church or mission! Do you have any special ways you raise funds for church? 





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