Free Printable US Map License Plate Travel Game

With summer and road trips in full swing, it’s time to make those hours of car rides a bit of educational fun. I always say, ” life is learning,” and as homeschoolers, we need look for little opportunities to make learning fun. Using a travel map such as this on a road trip, or even just out on regular errands in the car, will entertain and educate!

I hope this free printable license plate game will help you as much as it has our family! Subscribe NOW to get YOUR free copy via email!
Free USA Travel Map Game

The last road trip we took, we found forty-seven states, even Hawaii and Alaska! We still are on the lookout for North Dakota, Montana and Vermont, and it keeps our eyes peeled every drive.
Think of all the geography the boys are learning while having fun without a textbook! 🙂

After you’ve used our free printable license plate game available FREE for subscribers, you may want something a little more permanent!

If so, check out this sturdy wooden map game

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Bon Voyage! Happy Travels!


3 responses to “Free Printable US Map License Plate Travel Game”

  1. Gena Avatar

    We needed this on our last trip! Now, we have it.

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      SO glad, Gena! And, what a blessing to meet you recently! Keep up on the adventure!

  2. Rebeca Riche Avatar

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