Making a Moment Last Forever

After going somewhere truly spectacular, we all wish there was a way to preserve the moment and keep it fresh in our memories. While some souvenir shops keep some quirky memorabilia that will make you look back fondly on your time abroad or away, they don’t really capture the best elements of your holiday. Here are a few alternative souvenirs that will bring back specific memories that you can’t buy in a store.

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Seashells from the sea shore

Shells are the best souvenir from a beach holiday, and the best part is that they’re free. I like to find ones that are in beautiful colors, unusual shapes and all sorts of sizes. They remind me of a time when I was relaxing in the sand and having fun playing in the ocean. I always like to think that one day I will make them into jewelry, a frame or some sort of art piece. But until then, they are kept safely on a shelf on display or in a little box, and I dig them out every once in a while to remember all the beaches I have visited. I’ve even written this popular poem about seashells. 

Personalized Postcards

I don’t just send postcards to my friends and family back home; I like to buy a couple for myself and our family. I even write some of the highlights of my holiday and postmark them from the town where we are so I can recall details of my time over there that I might otherwise forget. But can a generic postcard from a tourist shop really capture the best of your holiday? With a postcard maker, you can turn your best holiday snapshots into a truly unique and personal postcard to capture the best thing about your time abroad. You can download our free printable vintage-themed postcards here.

Local cuisine

No, I don’t mean getting a takeaway from the best restaurant and trying to sneak it through customs. Buy a recipe book and do some research into which ingredients you can get at home. If there are no issues with customs, bring a few secret ingredients back from the country of origin. When you cook the dish for your friends and family back home, a secret ingredient will make the dish really stand out and bring back the taste of your holiday. Learn to make this signature dish on a regular basis, and you can relive a night out in your favorite country over and over again. The same goes for regional wines. Save these for a special occasion, or serve them with the ethnic cuisine on a theme night.

Local art

Art is the heart and soul of an artist, so by buying from a local artist, you will bring home a little piece of the country. Not only is this a unique decoration for your home, but you could be supporting a struggling artist in a different country. Art doesn’t have to cost much either. Sometimes homeless people or students will sell small paintings for however much you’d like to contribute. No one else will have pieces like that, so they will always be good talking points at your next party. 

We like to say, “collect memories, not memorabilia!” 

What are some of your favorite and creative souvenirs?