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Seashells- A Poem to Ponder

Christian Seashell Poem


We’ve traveled the globe far and wide, but nothing seems to bring as much joy to my heart as a meditative beach walk, seeking truth and time with God among the sands of the sea.

After being inspired by our weekend in Captiva Island, Florida, I wanted to share with you this poem about seashells I composed.  Are you a beachcomber, a poet, a dreamer- inspired by the shore? I believe we are all made in the image of our Creator, who truly is the most magnificent artist of all time.  It’s the first day of summer, and National Seashell Day, which made it the perfect time to share!

I hope you enjoy this seashell poem and are inspired to find treasure all around- in your life, your neighbors, your circumstances.


Poem About Seashells


We are all like seashells…

all shapes & sizes.

Some seemingly perfect

But others…

most others…




covered & bogged down

or consumed by something bigger…

attempting to get into a different shell.

Yet, together-

with broken glass recycled into jewels,

we compose the sands of the earth.

Each of us- perfect or broken,

is a creation …

… is beautiful…

… is treasure

Which one are you?

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  1. […] Shells are the best souvenir from a beach holiday, and the best part is that they’re free. I like to find ones that are in beautiful colors, unusual shapes and all sorts of sizes. They remind me of a time when I was relaxing in the sand and having fun playing in the ocean. I always like to think that one day I will make them into jewelry, a frame or some sort of art piece. But until then, they are kept safely on a shelf on display or in a little box, and I dig them out every once in a while to remember all the beaches I have visited. I’ve even written this popular poem about seashells.  […]

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