Museum of the Bible- Coming Soon to Washington, DC!

A Miracle Headed to Washington, DC

The Bible is the most historically significant book ever to be published, selling more copies than any other piece of literature. No book has been banned or burned more than the Bible. Thousands of people over thousands of years have given their lives as a testimony of the events that took place in this book, the Holy Bible. Now what if there was a place to commemorate and honor the Bible, in the very heart of our nations capitol, Washington D.C. 

That would be a miracle, right? 

museum of the bible

Well I am telling you ,miracles do come true, and in November 2017, the doors will open for Museum of the Bible, located within walking distance of the U.S. Capitol, the White House, and the Supreme Court building. It’s our prayer and belief that the BOOK ITSELF  is compelling enough to lead people to the truth. God knows our nation, the nations of the world and our leaders in Washington need God’s love letter and instruction book to us.  


Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

museum of the bible construction

This magnificent project will be 8 floors of blow-your-mind, engaging and fun ways to experience this most sacred Book. The young and old will be able to experience a personalized and immersive walk through of the story, context, and historical impact of the Bible.  Founding members will be able to leave a legacy for generations to come, and will get free some free admission tickets. 

hard hat tour museum of the bible

I had the privilege of touring the property, seeing firsthand the hard-hat wearing men and woman using their creative gifts to turn vision into reality. Dust laid concrete, scaffolding, and the sounds of tools being used all around me, I became so thankful to witness a true work of art in the process before it’s magnificent completion.

The creativity and architecture of the building inside and out is simply astounding. My imaginative mind was filled with awe and wonder as the vision became real before my eyes, this Museum of the Bible, will be an amazing gift and valuable experience for every person of every culture and every religion.

  • Bible simulator rides like “Adventures in Odyssey” coming to life?
  • 40,000 + Bible Artifacts in real life? YES, please!
  • A Legacy for your family
  • Unlike ANYTHING in the world today
  • Right in Washington, DC!
  • Opening November 17, 2017

(An aside– check out the incredible Museum of the Bible Interactive tablet based Homeschool Curriculum. Jen’s homeschool collective has been using and loving it!)

With over 42,000 items and artifacts, interactive rooms, theaters, and amazing use of displays and technology, Museum of the Bible is the crossroad where scholars and the average person collide. You will be engaged through every one of your senses, and every person will walk out the doors inspired and knowing more about the Bible than they did before.

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