traveling is ... an inspirational list at Word Traveling for #NTTW

Traveling is…

Day #17: Our post today is more of an inspirational list. There are a million reasons traveling is worth it! These are just a few. Enjoy!

traveling is ... an inspirational list at Word Traveling for #NTTW

Traveling is waking up to the sound of monkeys and birds of paradise.
Traveling is a cup of Apple tea on a brisk morning in Istanbul.
Traveling is being covered in dust from head to toe, after an African safari.
Traveling is meeting with a bear face to face in the Alaskan Forest.
Traveling is a cup of noodles, while laughing with new friends and watching fireworks on the beach in Korea.
Traveling is watching lanterns float away into the night sky on New Years in Asia.
Traveling is SCUBA diving with whales in Koh Tao.
Traveling is riding mopeds around a remote tropical Island.
Traveling is snorkeling with dozens of dolphins in Hawaii.
Traveling is waking up in a new city,, new country, without any agenda at all.
Traveling is a 20 hours road trip through the Sahara desert
Traveling is insects as large as your face… in your toilet.
Traveling is canoe trips up the Mekong Delta.
Traveling is playing with children, in the slums in Cambodia.
Traveling is riding camels in Niger.
Traveling is biking through ancient ruins of Angkor Wat.
Traveling is the sunrise while hiking through the Grand Canyon.
Traveling is lighting Roman candles on the Chinese New Year..
Traveling is staying in a dozen hostels in as many days.
Traveling is waffles in Belgium for breakfast.
Traveling is sipping coffee while gazing at the magnetic cathedrals in Germany.
Traveling is catching fresh Salmon in the Columbia River.
Traveling is skiing all night on Mt. Hood, Oregon.
Traveling is Starbucks on a rainy day in Seattle.
Traveling is spending all day reading in Powells on a overcast day in Portland.
Traveling is a fresh Lobster roll in Maine.
Traveling is the excitement of purchasing a ticket to a new place.
Traveling is a road trip through the Alps.
Traveling is getting caught in a sand storm in West African.
Traveling is meeting new friends all around the world.
Traveling is yeaching children English in Korea.
Traveling is boiled dumplings in Shanghai.
Traveling is iced coffee in Vietnam.
Traveling is getting up close and personal with Hippos, in the wild.
Traveling is getting caught in a typhoon in the Philippines.
Traveling is friendships that cross all cultural and language boundaries.
Traveling is fried crickets.
Traveling is fresh fruit smoothies in India
Traveling is food poising… also in India.
Traveling is knowing where the quietest terminals are… in almost every major airport.
Traveling is knowing which airlines to avoid at all costs.
Traveling is still flying said airlines because they offer the best deals, and the travel bug was calling.
Traveling is dancing around a campfire with children at an orphanage in Uganda.
Traveling is getting lost for days in the Louvre.
Traveling is getting lost in more places then you can remember.
Traveling is Google maps becoming your best friend
Traveling is excitement over seeing a McDonalds – even if you never eat there.
Traveling is cool marble under your bare feet at the Taj Mahal.
Traveling is sunburn in Tahiti.
Traveling is snorkeling with a dozen sharks in Thailand.
Travelling is the sunset under the majesty of the Grand Tetons.
Traveling is diving with massive manta rays at night.
Traveling is picnics on a mountaintop in Austria.
Traveling is delicious Gelato on the banks of lake Como Italy.
Traveling is Turkish ice-cream, in turkey.
Traveling is monkeys stealing food right out of your hand in Malaysia.
Traveling is not always easy.
Traveling is missing your friend’s wedding.
Traveling is missing your brother’s birthday.
Traveling is fun stories to share at family reunions.
Traveling is realizing most people don’t relate to your stories.
Traveling is finding yourself a part of a community that stretches across the globe.
Traveling is mostly exciting.
Traveling is always addicting.
Traveling is sometimes lonely.
Traveling is an adventure… and always worth it.

Christi ChildsChristi Childs is passionate about all things family, adventure, travel, orphans and Jesus (Especially when you combine them all together in one package)! The world is an incredible place, and Christi wants to encourage you to see it, take adventures, get outside, and do awesome things for God. So far Christi is thankful to have traveled to 29 counties, and most recently she has been having adventures in South Korea and Niger with her awesome husband Trae and sweet almost-toddler Judah! You can follow Christi on Facebook at both Christi Childs, and shopyellowwood or follow their adventures at Shop Yellowwood.