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Meet Jen

Ciao! And welcome to our world of life is learning! 
The family behind Word Traveling

Through our adventure, we are blessed to be entrusted to Found the Non-Profit Social Enterprise, Word Traveling- building world changers through extraordinary experiences.

We homeschool, but are hardly ever at home! We don’t have a fancy homeschool room, or sit in desks all day studying spelling words and multiplication tables. We learn from God’s world around us! And, if we are home, we are around our dining room table, our messy kitchen counter, on the paw- printed  floor, outside on the patio, park picnic table, the beach, or from a cart full of suitcases,in a hotel room, on a cruise ship, or along a road trip- sometimes with passport in hand !

I’m learning as I go on this journey called homeschool, and it’s a true adventure. On my blog, I won’t teach you about curriculum, (for the most part) legalities, and standardized testing, but I will share what we experience and connect you with extraordinary everyday adventures that are homeschooling- life is learning- at it’s core. I’ll share about FREEDOM in homeschooling! I’ll share our travel adventures. And, I pray to connect you with- and to create a community of- other families who share in their own homeschooling adventures.

I aim to inspire to teach you what really matters- building:  bridges, children (and family) of Godly character  who will be future leaders, and eternal relationships.

We were married in Belize, have made friends as far away as Bali and have hosted various missionaries from all over the world at our Beach Cottage Rental in Florida.

With my family, (my husband Luis and two boys) I lived abroad in Europe for nearly a year, including Spain, Italy, France and Germany with stops in Switzerland and Portugal. We’ve traversed the far East from Thailand to Hong Kong and Bail, cruised the Caribbean, explored ruins and caverns in Mexico, climbed the Great Wall of China, stood at the edge of an active volcano and descended 100 feet below the surface then 5,000 feet in an open-air helicopter in Hawaii, spied sloths, monkeys and sleepy beach towns in Costa Rica, found hidden gems in Panama, and have collected sea glass from all over the world. I dream of new destinations like Israel, Alaska and Dubai… and wherever the Lord sends me (us) we will GO! Because Jesus is a journeyman.

Peace, love, happiness & adventure on your journey~


I’d love to hear from you! Reach out! Need a speaker for your next event? 



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