Planning Your Family Trip to Italy

Italy may be best known as a honeymoon destination or a history-buff’s dream trip, but there are plenty of ways to make your family vacation to this scenic Mediterranean country a holiday to be enjoyed by everyone. For the ultimate family experience in this beautiful country, here are some tips to insure that you get the most out of your future holidays.

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1. Decide on a traveling style

Traveling with kids can be difficult for multiple reasons, but one of the most common difficulties in Europe is the lack of space for them to get the rest or downtime they need. By renting a home or apartment as opposed to staying in hotels, you not only give your kids the opportunity to rest, but you also give yourself a better chance at an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Having your own home space during your trip also means that you can cook at home to help save on expenses, and can easily plan activities for rest days at home or for inclement weather. (This is our preferred method of stay on most holidays.)

2. Spread out your museum and gallery visits

Many kids do enjoy the museums and galleries of Italy, and visiting historic sites like the Uffizi and the Accademia can be both inspiring and insightful for them. But, trying to pack in too many well-mannered and confining activities for your kids can turn your plans quickly sour. It’s best to alternate between low-energy activities like museums and galleries with high-energy ones like exploring the city by foot or visiting interactive sites like botanical gardens and parks.

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3. Make a trip to the beach

A trip to the beach will not only let you recharge your batteries and your kids let loose, but it also relieves you of having to organize and plan activities, as the beach itself is enough to provide a few days’ worth of fun in the surf and sand. Fortunately Italy’s rich history is present all along its coasts, so there is also plenty to explore while you’re not soaking in the rays.

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4. Some must eat foods

There are few foods that kids enjoy more than pizza and ice cream, and Italy is home to the world’s best. Gelato is a treat that is sure to smooth over any kid related problems that might arise throughout your vacation, and gelaterias seem to be present on just about every street corner in the country. For pizza, Naples is the home of the dish and the pizzerias there provide a great experience, though you can order delicious pizza throughout the country.

5. Why not try the off-season?

Sometimes the most difficult part of a family holiday is dealing with the big crowds and long lines that can frustrate kids and worry parents. Italy during the high season of July and August is no different than most other major destinations, where museums and historic sites are overrun by tourists. Even in the off season it is always a good idea to plan ahead, and book tickets for your local travel and museum visits in advance.

There is no better way than to open minds than through exploring new cultures is a great way to get your family interested in the fascinating history and beauty of one of the world’s most cherished countries.

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