Travel Myths Busted

One of the favorite shows in my household is Myth Busters. It’s time we busted some travel myths. Everyone has opinions on travel. Wherever you are traveling to for your next vacation, you will no doubt hear lots of people’s opinion on it. Some will have loved it when they visited, others won’t have. We all have differing opinions about destinations and what is a great trip. 

However, all of this differing of opinion sometimes means that a lot of myths go around about travel. As a result, there are now lots of travel myths that many tourists believe to be 100% true. Here are some of the most common ones that you will hear and why they most certainly aren’t the truth!

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Myth #1: Hostels Are The Cheapest Accommodation You Can Get

This might have been true around a decade ago, but hostels are no longer the cheapest accommodation out there now. And that is all thanks to websites such as Airbnb and These sites give travelers the chance to rent out a spare room in someone’s house or flat. (In fact, we are hosts on AirBnb! If you can afford a bit more for your accommodation, you can rent out someone’s entire apartment. Surprisingly, it often works out a lot cheaper than even hostels!

Myth #2: Renting A Hire Car Is The Best Way To Get Around

Looking at the reviews on, it looks like more people are moving away from car hire and are instead using more travel coach companies while they are away on vacation. The main reason for this is that car hire can now be very expensive, especially when you only rent out a vehicle for a couple of days. It tends to be cheaper to just buy bus and train tickets. And these days, many towns and cities have excellent public transport links, making it very easy to get around.

Myth #3: Solo Travel Is Dangerous For Women

Some people think that women shouldn’t travel on their own as it can be very unsafe. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Both men and women face various hazards and risks when they are traveling solo, but women have no reason to feel especially unsafe. If you stick to the usual touristy areas, you will be fine. As long as you are smart and use your common sense when you are traveling, you should have nothing to worry about. “Do not worry about anything, instead, pray about everything!” 

Myth #4: You Need To Be Young And Single To Have Great Travel Adventures

A lot of people also believe that traveling the world is only for young, single people. Not true! There are lots of families who go on epic adventures to explore different continents and countries.  This site was founded to help families travel! In fact, some people prefer traveling when they are older as they are a lot wiser and have a bit more cash to use towards their trip. Age and marital status shouldn’t hold you back, and anyone can enjoy a fun adventure abroad, whether they are a teenager, couple, married with kids, or retired!

Hopefully, this blog post has helped to clarify a few popular travel myths that have been going around. Let me know if there are any others that you think need to be busted!