Where in the Wor(l)d Wednesday Week Two!

For some time, I’ve wanted to share images  I’ve captured around the world with other writers as a tool for inspiration…

Without further ado, I announce week two: “Where in the World Wednesdays?”

Here is this week’s Image:

Where does this image take you?
Where does this image take you?

The format is this:

1) Check in on Wednesday to the “where in the world Wednesday?” link, right here on Word Traveling

2. Grab a guess at where (or what) the image is…

3. WRITE. WRITE. WRITE. Poems, thoughts, inspirations, stories…. wherever the words take you.

Post your entry in the comments below! Homeschoolers, world travelers,  and poets are WELCOME and encouraged to participate!

4. Enter your email at right to follow my blog.  LIKE us on Facebook.  Link your words and my contest to your site! (please share the link love)

5. Come back the the following Wednesday, I’ll announce the winner of the signed, matted 5×7 image which inspired the winning words!

6. Write again. There will be a new image to inspire words! The instructions will remain, but the image will change!  Scroll through past comments to see other entires as they take flight!

 This Week’s Image:

Where does this image take you?
Where does this image take you?

CONGRATULATIONS to last week’s INAUGURAL Where in the Wor(l)d Wednesday’s Winners…

S.E.Ingraham, Catherine Lee, De Jackson, and Mark Windham!

As it was the first week, you will ALL be getting the prize! Thanks for your participation…

And now, for the REVEAL:

Last week’s image: IMG_6585

Was The Duomo in the Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) in Pisa, Italy.

The image was shot in the summer of 2011, on our second visit to Pisa. This particular day, my eye was drawn to a small back corner of the cathedral dedicated to the honor (and containing the tomb) of the Patron Saint of the town of Pisa, Saint Ranieri. My mouth dropped in wonderment as I read about the Saint to whose remains I was drawn, whose name is the ancestor of my own married name- Reyneri who was also the Patron Saint of Travelers. “Could this really be my calling, I wondered?”  Perhaps through my dreams, visions, and revelations- and in a very literal sense- the images of our travel- are meant to inspire others to dream God-sized dreams, to get out and explore this great big beautifully amazing world in which we live? I once heard the still small voice within whisper, “others will live vicariously through your stories.”

My hope is that through living vicariously, you will be inspired to get out and live authentically, largely, and vivaciously! And, you, in turn, inspire others to do the same!

Be blessed-    Jen 

 Reyneri www.wordtraveling.com 


4 responses to “Where in the Wor(l)d Wednesday Week Two!”

  1. S.E.Ingraham Avatar

    What a cool story Jen, and how serendipitous that you should be standing in the Duomo that bears the name that you share … no wonder it gave you pause. Pisa is one city I haven’t been to in Italy but one that I hope to visit … so many places, so little time…

    1. Jen Reyneri Avatar

      Pisa is one of my favorite towns, entirely because of that story! And, the fact that on our last pass through, we hit the most amazing antiques fair! Serendipitous, indeed. Perhaps I’m finally heeding my divine calling?

  2. S.E.Ingraham Avatar


    Even in the noonday-sun ghosts gather there
    In the rafters of a barn badly in need of paint
    You can hear them shuffling about on ancient
    Stories left behind if you will only stay still enough

    There is a cat the colour of shadows flitting
    About abandoned farm equipment but she’s
    Difficult to see if you look directly at her
    No matter what time of day you pay your visit

    And there have been rumours that in the flowers
    Waving thickly, golden, in rows beside the road
    If you slow to nearly nothing and lean your head out
    Of the window, the scent of yesterday will fill your car

    (this could be any rural place almost anywhere in the world – since you were traveling in Italy, I’m going to guess somewhere in Toscana…I realize this could be way off base but like I say, it could be anywhere…)

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